review 001: vov liquid foundation

My second attempt at a makeup/beauty blog, hopefully I’ll get somewhere this time! I wanted to start off by doing a quick review (at 2:26am, heh) on this VOV Liquid Foundation I picked up while I was in Macau. I have it in shade #23 natural light, and it cost me $99 MOP (which is around $17 NZD).

The reason why I chose this was mainly due to the price (super cheap compared to foundations here!) and since I wasn’t in desperate need of a new foundation, I decided to try something I couldn’t buy over here in New Zealand. VOV is a Korean brand, (drugstore brand I assume, it sounds a little odd saying this ‘cause we don’t use the term ‘drugstore’ here).

The texture of the foundation leans towards the liquid side more than the creamy side. It’s easy to spread out and blend, plus it doesn’t dry that fast, so working slowly isn’t much of a problem. It has no SPF, which is not a problem for me as it allows me the choice of wearing it both during the day (with sunscreen underneath or an SPF inclusive powder to set) and at night. At first, I really liked this foundation because it blended well into my skin, despite that the shade is slightly too light for me (it only comes in 3 shades - the one above was too dark). It’s also very natural and has a scent similar to baby powder. However, after wearing this a few more times I started to dislike this product. The foundation is supposedly suitable for all skin types, however it slides off my oily skin too easily for my liking, plus it settles into pores (even when I use a face primer!) which is very unattractive. The coverage is light to medium at most, but I’ve noticed that it slightly cakes if too many layers are applied.

While I’m not a fan of the product itself, I do like the packaging - the pump is very convenient and more sanitary compared to pour bottles. It also comes in 40mL, which is more than the average foundation would have. Sadly, this is all irrelevant to me as I didn’t like this product very much.

I don’t recommend this product for oily (and possibly combination) skin types, especially those who have rather visible pores. I would assume it’d be good for those with dry/normal skin, but since I’m not one of those people, I can’t say for sure. Also, the foundation has a yellow/cool undertone to it, so it would suit Asian skin better than others.

My final verdict: ★★☆☆☆

2 stars, which is rather high considering how much I don’t like this foundation xD But the reason for this is because I do think it would benefit those with less problematic skin. Also, due to the liquidy texture, I can mix it with other thicker foundations to get a better consistency. Overall, I really think it depends on your skin and how well a product suits it. This one just didn’t suit mine very well at all.

That’s all for now :D